Thursday, 16 January 2014

January Funk and malaise

So my business partner Ali-pops told me a new blog post was long overdue so here it is, even when it’s his turn for a techy one.

So I hope everyone who reads this (all 4 of you) had a good Christmas and involved lots of alcohol and new year’s was better than mine (apparently my social life is like Eastenders, I would go into more detail but I’m sure I would alienate any of my remaining friends).

So what have we been up to at Geek is Chic?  Not much to be honest.  We tried out the whole paying for people to see a facebook post and seemed to have quite a few people like our page, when I looked earlier tonight we had 212 likes, which I’m pretty amazed at, now we just need that 212 people to start buying our shirts!  Ali-pops is also trying out to see what more people see – photo’s, posts, links, blog posts, at the moment it seems to be photo’s, but then again it could be that people liked the photo more than the post so we could be completely wrong!

Now we’re starting to get prepped for the Spring Convention Season, I’m getting the stock ordered for the Midlands Comic con in February and then in March we have one every week – Cardiff, Newcastle, London, Birmingham and maybe Kitacon or Luxcon.  So that means we need to stock up as we don’t want to go to any con’s with a sub standard quantity and maybe a few new shirts too.

So thats about all from Me, I’m going back to watching B5 on Watch – I still love this show!  I might write another post with all the latest geek news, but then again I might be too busy reading (have just started the new Benedict Jacka book.........)

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