Monday, 25 November 2013

MCM Birmingham I ordered some new retro Sega shirts to arrive in time for MCM Birmingham from a new supplier.  When I arrived home on Friday I found that they tried to deliver whilst no one was home.  The depot is in freaking Newbury so no new shirts for the con and a limited number of Marvel shirts as I'm still waiting for them to arrive.  So by this point I'm a little stressed.

My friend Robbie agree to come to Birmingham with me so he picked me up after he finished work on Friday and our friend Kev met us at his and we got pizza and played Mario Kart until about midnight, feeling a lot better about the weekend.

The alarm on my phone went off at 4.45 which was not fun, and I mighta eaten too much pizza the night before as I was still stuffed!  We packed the car and off we went in the dark.  2 hours later we got to the NEC, Rob dropped me off at the door and went and parked up.  We rushed setting up and found ourselves between the Amazing Cake Company and an artist selling Anime copies called Anya and her sister's boyfriend Josh.  Yes the Amazing cake company do amazing cakes (as I type this I realise Robbie stole my one I got at the end of the convention and have just sent him an abusive text.  Not happy).  Anya has a lot of talent, although you could tell her heart wasn't really into Anime.

So Saturday was a good day, with us selling more in one day than all of last weekend!  I had a chat to the guys I always bump into and found that one dealer last weekend sold a total of a single £2.50 key ring in 3 days which made our losses seem a lot better!

After we finished we drove to the hotel and got a massive KFC.  I basically ate so much fried chicken it hurt to breathe and fell asleep before the end of the film I was watching (Ocean's 11).

So I was up quite early Sunday sweating as I'd turned my heating on full.  After my morning ablutions I booked next March's con online so I didn't have to fight the crowd in the organiser's office and off we trundled back to work.

Sunday was slower as always, Robbie found something for his kid and Baby Momma and I managed to have a flying chat to Cult stuff who were next to me at Cardiff comic con.  For lunch I sent my helper out to get Subway as that's healthier than Pizza or fried chicken......

At the end of the day Danny John Jules dropped past the Amazing Cake Company, robbie got all fan boy and almost blinded him with the Flash on his camera but was too shy to ask for an autograph (I like to point out the deal for him helping at the show was Craig Charles autograph, its not my fault he pulled out, and he could of gotten the Cat's for Free).  As this was happening one of the organiser's brought a shirt, so I must be doing something right with our selection!

So after we had packed up and started the journey home our trusty Sat nav took us down lots of back roads all the way to the M40.  We eventually found a decent services just outside of Reading where we completed the fast food pyramid by having a Bacon double cheeseburger XL from Burger King and robbie brought a couple of books as he was feeling emotionally guilty for leaving his son for the first time.

I eventually got home about 9 and collapsed in front of the TV with a cuppa tea to start catching up on my tv shows from the weekend.  Today I've been doing the boring admin bits but I'll tell you all about that another time

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