Monday, 18 November 2013

Collectormania 20 aka The frozen wastes of Milton Keynes

So I'm thankfully back from Collectormania and grateful to be home as it was awful.  Sit back and hear the tale.........

After another ungodly early start (5am Wake up for a 6am train) I got to london, made it across to Euston on the Northern line to be confronted by steps off the platform.  Lets say with 2 suitcases this was looking pretty shitty until a helpful aussie kindly carried one up for me.  I made it to my train and felt a little quesy, I mean tilting trains just isn't normal!  So I got to Milton keynes and got a taxi to the Arena (no way was I walking the hour!).

So I got in and set up and was a little apprehensive as the people next to me had a baby, which as it turned out was the least of my problems over the weekend.  So I got set up and sat down, waiting to sell my wares and realised the arena was only half finished.  The floors were bare concrete, the walls were half finished and it was freezing.  Oh, and there were pigeons flying about like the vermin they are.  

Friday was slow, hardly any people at all and fewer sales.  If I hadn't enjoyed talking to Andy the autograph dealer and Seb, Anne-Marie and the baby from Dr Who online I might have cried, everyone agreeing that tommorro would be a better day.  Afterwards I got picked up by my friend Myf who's house I was staying at and went back to her's to warm up.  After watching Star Trek Into Darkness (KHAAAAAAAAN!) I went to sleep.

After another early start and burning my self on her shower I put on 2 pairs of socks and off we went.  We were only a few minutes late (I blame it on the queue at the Mcdonalds drive-thru) we sat and waited for the customers.  They didn't appear.

After a soul destroying day for all dealers we (Myf and I) decided to have Wagon mama's for dinner and watch Gravity to cheer me up.  The food was good (love Udon noodles) and the movie was good, but not sure if it was as good as the hype, but most probably the best 3D movie I've seen (well, I have only seen 3 now, that, Thor and Dredd).

Sunday Myf dropped me off, I was well prepared this time wearing 3 pairs of socks, before returning to her bed.  Sunday was a strange day, the Dr Who online team had headed home so we expanded a bit and we actually sold more t-shirts than on the Saturday.  Myf turned up at about 2 to help bearing much appreciated KFC, although it wasn't appreciated as much as being able to leave her to look after the stall whilst I went to pee!  

The highlight of the weekend was most probably stood chatting to Myf, Andy and Judson Scott about films, directors and actors he knew and what kind of people they were.  At about 5 it was obvious there was nobody else coming in and so we packed the suitcases which were still basically full after an awful weekend and I was dropped off at the Station for my journey home.  The connections were good and I finally got home about 9 trying not to use the weekend as a positive.  Yes, I lost money, but it's a learning curve and one bad show out of 4 isn't too bad, I just hope MCM Birmingham is better next weekend.

My highlights of Collectormania 20 include:
  • Freezing (it was warmer outside on Friday)
  • Not being Shat on by Pigeons (apparently that happened to a couple of dealers)
  • The apology letter for how bad the show was from the organisers.
  • Meeting Seb and Anne-marie
  • Chatting to Jusdon Scott.
  • Getting home.

Next up is MCM Birmingham, hopefully there we'll make some money...........

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