Wednesday, 6 November 2013

MCM London Winter Comic Con - part 2, eventually after a weekend at a wedding and hassle from Ali, I'm finally finishing the story from MCM, why did I split it into 2?  Mainly as I was told my last coupla posts were "wordy" but anything longer than a tweet is wordy for ali!

So The Saturday at Comic con, after a much needed Bacon Sarnie we got to Canning town and had to walk to the Excel with our suitcase (Ali still contends he's got a bad hand from playing netball).  So we got set up, ali bitched about there only being one chair and we were off.

The morning started slowly but soon picked up, at one point whilst ali was peeing I was serving 3 people at once, I am one fine salesman!  Originally we were going out with a friend drinking but by the end of the day we ended up crashing as soon as we got back to his and doing Ali's homework - watching Arrow season 1 (The poor boy is good with computers, but lacks all popular culture references what so ever, sometimes I wonder what he did as a kid when he couldn't even name Donkey Kong......)

So Sunday Morning I woke up bright and early and was surprised that I was awake before Ali, so I did my morning ablutions and Ali was still asleep.  It was only then that I had the glass shattering realisation that I'd forgotten to change the time on my phone so was up an hour early, Sunday was gonna be a long day!

It only got longer when we got to the Excel and found it opened at 10am, so we were an hour early, and I was so tempted to climb on top of our table and sleep.  Sunday was also a lot busier than expected, but i was good and didn't look round as I'd of brought too much stuff but did see some awesome cosplay, including a real life space marine.  He was so big he had to have a guide to tell him when to stop and when to go!

So at the end of the day we managed to put all our remaining stock into my 2 suitcases and managed to squeeze onto a bus to Canning town so I could get the train home.  I wasn't that lucky.  Due to the weather my train took 2 hours instead of 1 and was rammed full of people.  By the time I got through my front door all I wanted was a cuppa tea and my bed!

Next up we've got Collectomania in Milton Keynes with a new comer to con life, our friend Myf....

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