Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The history of Geek is Chic

Welcome to our Blog, according to Ali this is a good idea, more people will go to our site to buy our t-shirts if I write rubbish.  So the first blog is going to be on the history of Geek is Chic.  I don’t know where the idea first came from, but it Crystallised in a conversation with a Friend whilst walking round Woking shopping with the final name.  At the time I was commuting for 4 hours a day and hating my job beyond comprehension!  

When I escaped that and went back to Uni to get my masters I had a plan to start an ice cream parlour, that had always been the dream, and the business plan got one of the top marks in the year, but the reality was that one bad summer would ruin the business and the need of £100,000 start up capital was unrealistic.  Now there’s a place called Creams that’s growing which is basically what I wanted to do.  Bastards.

So back to when I was at Uni, we had other projects, a marketing plan and a finance plan that couldn’t be the same as your final business plan so I decided to do Geek is Chic and got some kick ass grades, and the feedback was good too.  When I finished, I realised that Geek is Chic was the most feasible of my idea’s and went back to work at my first job (I’m well cool, I cut fabric and deal with old people) and started saving.  After a year, Ali finally had the website ready (yes, he’s that lazy) and I’d managed to save enough to buy stock and book stalls at Cardiff Comic con which is the next thrilling instalment on my awesome blog............

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